allen lardieri

I was bracing for the Triggerpop guild, but they never show up:

Allen Lardieri with a good video, with lots of good info.  I have stock triggers on both my ARs, and I’ve shot Geissele triggers and initially convinced myself I didn’t need one.  After hearing Bill Geissele talk though I just feel bad about myself and now want to buy one haha.

Geissele-TriggerAs I mentioned in the past, whenever I see 20 minutes on a video I immediately roll my eyes but lately (like this time too) I’ve been pleasantly surprised!  Just as a precaution though I made myself a cheese / meat / crackers plate and made sure my glass was full.  Bill is sure an easy guy to listen to.

haha Allen is such a trigger geek, It’s awesome.  I wonder if he got invited to Geissele after he made the Terrorists Never Win video I blogged about featuring his Geissele build.

Make sure you check out Geissele if you’re not familiar.



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