Alternative Ballistics

A kinder gentler way to stop the threat:

Once the weapon is fired; the bullet embeds itself inside the projectile with no chance of escaping, simultaneously transferring the bullet’s energy, propelling it directly at the target. Once the bullet is fired from the gun into the projectile they permanently become one unit. The docking unit will automatically eject from the weapon and the firearm returns to its normal function before it cycles in a new round. Keep in mind this occurs when lethal force is already justified.

1:01 – Shot him with actual bullets.. Yea obviously.

1:07 – Since when do cops not take advancing scumbags with knives seriously?  If someone is coming at you with a knife you have to assume they want to kill you, not cut up lettuce for a salad you guys will eat together.

1:13 – Awwwww how nice of the cop to warn the scumbag with “LESS LETHAL!  LESS LETHAL!” *smh*

I don’t know about you guys… but if someone deserves to be shot because of something they are doing, I’d rather see them 6ft under than in jail or a hospital.  At least after the first shot with this derp device you’ll have real rounds on deck ready to make holes.  Sadly, it might be too late at that point depending on where shot #1 with the clown nose landed.

Alternative-Ballistics-Clown-NoseAlternative Ballistics is the company that sells this clown nosed product.  Click through to read lots more info on it.   Oh look, they are testing it in Ferguson, MO *eye roll*.


Gat tip: Jay