always sunny

I love you I love you I love you NIGHTMAN:

I mean the first half of the video was kinda cool but what’s with the second half?  LOL just a classic always sunny reference for your ass:

nightman-lyricsJust two men sharing the night. I’m glad there was no talk about someone paying a troll toll.

Thoughts? Not sure what the demographic for the tracking point Ad is, but I’ll say it missed the mark on the “cool teens over 30” demographic I put myself in. hehe

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You guys have to watch this episode… a lot of stereotypes busted, and some good jokes.



There is a YouTube promo video for the episode you can click if you dare.

I won’t spoil any of the jokes, but seriously watch it.  I hope this show is back to being funny again… we’ll see after the next couple of episodes.  Before this episode they were on a real streak where the humor was so dark it bordered on not funny and was basically just painful to watch.



Charlie Day does an interview to promote his hilarious new movie horrible bosses:

“I don’t do interviews without guns anymore; it kinda sets the tone.”  Ugh, the “AK” has rails.  :P Rifle is fine?  I put “AK” in brackets so no smartass in the comments got a chance to say “you know that’s not a real AK right” haha.

The girl whose interviewing him is Catherine Reitman.  She played Maureen Ponderosa on the show in a hilarious couple of episodes.  They made her seem so disgusting on the show, it was hilarious.   I still find “Gail the snail” and “Margaret McPoyle” more revolting though.

Make sure to check out the Horrible Bosses trailer.  The movie comes out July 8th.

If you need to catch up, you can watch all the seasons of Always sunny on Amazon instant video – HERE

Hat tip: Jenna