These upstanding ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment having some fun in the woods:

kind-sirGlock, Deagle brand Deagle, shorty AK bumpfires, AR-15….  Pretty standard, nothing to see here guys LOL.

hahah damn that’s a lot of ammo 100% wasted.  Shooting at water isn’t the smartest either, for ricochet reasons.


Gat tip: Anthony

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Cokeman and his buddy in 13.5 minutes of voices and useless trolling while shooting:

Cokeman^^^^^ LOL these guys.  Seriously Cokeman needs his own show.  It would be difficult to watch, but at the same time he would troll so hard it would be incredible.  He’d have dudes like TMHonfire (another 2nd Amendment Ambassador) guest star.

I have zero doubt in my mind that the reason no one is ever at the range when they shoot is because everyone who was there is probably like OH SHIT… then they pack up and leave as quickly as possible.

What are the chances they just show up, make a mess and then get in the car and leave?

Well it’s quite obvious there isn’t an ammo crisis anymore… that’s one thing these types of vids prove.