ambient music

Print Shoot Repeat knows how to have a good time:

He could have also called this “1 hour of music that will make you have to pee”.. that subtle water trickle in the background paired well with the massive cup of tea I was drinking haha.  I know that no one cares the flavor, but it was mint tea.

I made the suggestion in the comments for a 3D printer ASMR.  I think that would go over well… just the soothing sounds of freedom being laid down one molten plastic line at a time.  I always appreciate when someone puts effort into a micro-niche ASMR vid.  Speaking of which, ASMR Rich is absolutely killing it with his Gun ASMR.  When he started his YouTube channel he dabbled in various other types of ASMR vids, but the gun ones obviously hit the most, because it’s pretty much exclusively what he does now.  341,000 subs!  Nice..


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Ambient music plays, while live police radio blends into the background.

4 Different cities to choose from for your next dinner party, or afternoon nap:

So artsy.. I love it.