Deal-With-ItHe makes some good points but a lot of it is just whining about the way things are.   “WAHHHHHHHH I DON’T LIKE THE MARKETPLACE POLITICS”.  Well sorry Billy, as you know it’s a free country so if companies do not want to deal with guns or gun owners that’s their right.  Plenty of great businesses and websites which cater to gun owners have started because of the very restrictions you’re whining about.  If more and more banks start closing accounts of gun companies then other pro-gun banks will start up… that’s how it works and we all benefit.  The reason facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter etc. all don’t outright ban the accounts of people who post gun related content is because they don’t want the revenue loss or the shitstorm that would come with it.  Hell, I was given a $100 ad credit from twitter and when I went to go use it they changed their mind because my company is in the firearms industry.  Meh, their loss because if the advertising was successful I would have spent several times more. Oh well I’ll put that $100 towards more cheetos and some ammo which I will in turn tweet about. #GunLife



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AmidsTheNoise speaks on the thought of declining gun ownership:

Always a lot of good knowledge kicked by Billy Johnson.  So much, if you’re not paying attention you’ll have to back it up.

Billly-Johnson-Declining-Gun-OwnershipGod that background music is annoying.



AmidstTheNoise with another NRA news vid:

ACK I wish I could turn that background music off!  Interesting that 60% of the 56 mass shooting studied involved or started as domestic violence.

15.5 Million children witnessed or have been the victims of domestic violence.  Ban domestic violence! (For real… if that only work work.)  Too bad people who wanted to commit domestic violence would just do it through the domestic violence loophole that would be discovered.

Those stats are really sad :(  The reason for the exploitation of child murders involving guns is an obvious one though. Sadly the way the media works, they’ll continue to make boat loads of money off disgusting incidents gun violence rather than report every time a kid gets beaten to death etc.. because the latter is normally not as “interesting” to people, and can’t be spun into dozens of related stories for weeks after.  Obama needs to do something about that.  What good does it do us to know the name of the killer and what kind of video games he had, and what cereal he ate daily for breakfast which obviously made him a killer?  A media gag order is obviously a huge 1st Amendment violation, so I don’t know what the solution is.  It’s unfortunate that good morals and big money rarely meet.  Holy shit, I just blessed the post with that original quote… *goose bumps* *mic drop* I’m out.




Using it to fish for crimes.  AmidsTheNoise always has interesting things to say:

AmidstTheNoise-YouTubeCollecting DNA from people who have been ARRESTED, not even convicted… that’s shady.  Imagine all the “arrests” that will be happening just to get DNA when some detective has a hunch, or like AmidsTheNoise says near the end of the video to just have a database of innocent people’s DNA.



AmidsTheNoise trades in his v-neck for a crewneck and speaks on the topic:


I’m anxious to see whether or not in video three we will see him in a mockneck, then in video four a turtleneck.

All jokes aside, this guy has a great way or presenting the facts and giving examples.

If you missed his first video; choose your own crime stats, make sure to check it out… it’s very good as well.



This guy rocks a v-neck so deep it’s off screen… don’t let that get in the way of what he’s got to say though:

I wonder if “Violent crime” is defined hugely different across countries?

So the violent crime rate dropped 50% in the U.S. in the past 20 years?  Yea an assault weapons ban is definitely going to cut that in half again *eye roll*

AmidstTheNoise-YouTubeI gotta keep an eye on this AmidsTheNoise guy… I like his style.  Just waiting for when he changes the game with even more advanced v-necks.


Hat tip: Jon