Buy two and double down on the douchebaggery – When you flex you double muzzle sweep your chest and the ladies get to see 4 guns:

If someone accidentally catches a glimpse of it they will likely just think you forgot to take off a blood pressure monitor cuff. Smooth… You stay classy pimp.

I have a fairly athletic build and I wear fitted clothing, and I’m not jumping at the opportunity to have my Glock jammed up into my sweaty armpit, and the elastic cuff of the holster cutting off the circulation to my lower arm all while looking like I have a brick under my inner sleeve. ┬áMaybe for bigger guys with bigger arms and loose fitting clothes this is a match made in heaven?

You can pick one up for $40 over at ArmsBand.
(Warning 1995 called, they want their site back)

The logical thing to do is wear a tank top with two of these holsters on, hike your socks up and strap on two ankle holsters (my fav) as well.

Thoughts?  Do you have the right to bear arms on your bare arms?

Hat tip: Roger