From Artist Alexander Mijares “Make Art Not War” series *insert eye roll at series name*:

They start off as CNC cut aluminum blanks and Alexander paints what you see on by hand:

It’s pretty much a given that I’ll shit on any and every art project someone sends me a link to.  For one, this Alexander Mijares guy calls himself a professional artist and obviously makes a living off of what he does.  Bottom line is I could do this (and most of the other “art” I post about), and I just might do it for personal satisfaction.  Secondly, I get the whole concept of taking “artistic licences” when representing something.  I didn’t need this AR-15 based rifle to be a carbon copy of an actual rifle, but seriously the proportions are way off!  Why is the barrel nut way behind with the delta ring?  Why is the magazine retardedly shaped?  Why is the barrel profile on a diet? I could go on and on.  Maybe he wanted it that way, but my guess is he knows nothing about firearms and googled “assault rifle” and took the first picture of some airsoft bastardization and made that his model.  That’s Ok too though… he hangs out with good looking girls (see his facebook page), likely drinks for free and eats some stinky cheese on the reg, so all in all it looks like a pretty good life.

Visit the artist Alexander Mijares‘ website for more info.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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*Insert exteme eye roll here* A dramatic trailer for the event:

23 AK-47s (The greatest killing machine in the world) decommissioned and transformed in the name of peace.

A look at the actual event:

From an art standpoint I think the idea of a lot of them are cool.  I don’t like the “OMG GUNS ARE BAD” message though, which was the whole point of the exhibit.

0:58 – So she says she found blood in the barrel?  Possibly I guess… but my guess it was probably oil or a number of other things.  I’ll wait to hear what the lab results say… oh wait.


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Oh Japan, you so crazy:

Japanese photographer Tsuyoshi Ozawa created this photo series called Vegetable Weapon that features women holding guns made mostly out of vegetables. The ingredients are native to the woman’s country and after the photo shoot, the gun is disassembled and Ozawa shares a hot meal with the model using the gun’s ingredients.

Unsurprisingly the project is meant to promote peace. hahah It was probably so obvious I shouldn’t even mentioned it. *eye roll*

The display in Tokyo right now at the Misa Shin Art Gallery until November 2nd.

There should be an American version of this with meats and beers where after the photoshoot you fire up the grill, cook the meat and drink all the beer.



Disregard females, cut black paper action scenes then photograph them:

From David Reeves, an artist from Halifax, NS Canada.

Looks like a lot of work.  If I had a laser cutter I would have used that to save time rather than an x-acto knife.

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Part of an Andy Warhol collection being sold off through Christie’s auction house:


I know what you’re thinking…. VERY impressive!  *eye roll*  Well get this… It’s expected to fetch $1M – $1.5M!  At least it’s big… 80 x 238 in.  Besides that, nothing really exceptional about it, just a synthetic polymer ink silkscreen onto canvas.

If I had billions of dollars I’d definitely buy it just to be a dick.  Isn’t that why anyone buys expensive art though?  You’re basically saying to most of the world, “I have so much money I can impulse buy stuff worth more than you’ll make in your entire life”.

You can read the full article over at the NYtimes.



A revolver made out of tools that an artist or old school designer would commonly use:

A revolver made out of purely Helvetica Bold characters and symbols:

Both designed by Mark Fitz out of Dublin, Ireland with prints available for purchase.

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