Damn this is awesome:

The M5 still is one of my favorite cars in that price range.  They really did a nice job capturing the slow motion breaking of the targets, and the essence of shooting with the commercial.



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A higher caliber embarrassment than we’ve previously seen:

Oh and there is a Lee Harvey Oswald toast art of him firing the entire cartridge too *facepalm*:

Source – MyModernMet

When I said this is higher caliber embarrassment I was referring to the 9mm looking 007 Omega Watch Campaign Fail.

I’m more offended that someone would screw up this bad with something gun related, than I am with the fact they trivialized the JFK assassination.  It’s history… people are going to keep talking about it and expressing it through different mediums.

Guesses on the caliber?  I’m going to say 7.62×39.


Hat tip: William H.


Some cool “Art”:

More pics over at the photographer/artist Deborah Bay’s website.

Cue the obligatory deep statement from the photographer herself:

…I also was intrigued by the psychological tension created between the jewel-like beauty and the inherent destructiveness of the fragmented projectiles. Many of the images resemble exploding galaxies, and visions of intergalactic bling sublimate the horror of bullets meeting muscle and bone. In fact, Susan Sontag described the camera as “a sublimation of the gun” — load, aim and shoot.

haha that’s a good one!

As Jesse mentioned, it’s lucky the “Professionals” in law enforcement at a Houston TX community college took care of the shooting.  God knows what would have happened if someone not in law enforcement would have fired those shots… Give a regular person in Texas a piece of plexiglas and a gun you might as well sign your own death certificate haha *eye roll*

I wonder what thickness of plexiglas she used?  It seems to be easily available as thick as 1″.  If shes using 1″ or thinner i’m actually kind of surprised that bullets don’t just sail right through that.  I might have to try this…


Hat tip: Jason L, Jesse


I should have been an artist. Wait.. i’m young, it’s probably not too late. Check out this “art” by LA based James Georgopoulos:

Profound purpose statement:

“Guns of Cinema” is a fearless compilation of iconic cinematic gun images. These works carry a theme that confronts controversy, questioning what makes this object inspirational – the same object that has the ability to protect and take away freedoms or the power to alter history and threaten or destroy lives.

LOL yea.. pretty boilerplate.

So as you can see, James Georgopoulos’ “art” amounts to taking pictures of prop guns and putting them in front of high contrast solid color backgrounds.  He then enlarges the pictures and gets prints made that are several feet across, and through that becomes rich. This guy is a genius… *slow clap*

You can visit his website –

I’ve been to a handful of famous art museums, and there is definitely crap like this that any joker can do.  On the other end of the spectrum there are the incredibly complex/skilled pieces; I have a lot of respect for those those artists.



Mark O’Brien from the UK, uses cardboard to create detailed objects:

The picture above was posted by online paper THE SUN, and they obviously thought it was a perfect opportunity to troll us. Nice AK47 Mark!  If you’re single I can try to get the Glock Desert Eagle girl your number,  I’m sure you guys would hit it off.

Despite the troll, the stuff he makes looks neat.

You can check out some more of his cardboard creations – HERE


Marina Abramovic is an artist.  According to the infallible wikipedia she describes herself as the “grandmother of performance art”.

It appears that she also fancies herself a photographer:

How EDGY!  How RAW!  How REAL!
… *gasp*

I can’t find any deep “purpose” statement about this exhibit from the artist. I’m sure it would be priceless.

Well that was a sufficient waste of time, bandwidth, CPU cycles, etc…

So basic pictures like that make people famous enough to get an exhibit in the MoMA?  Good to know… good to know…

You can check out some more equally yawn-worth pics from the artist if you need more reasons to be mad that she’s famous for crap like this and you’re not.

Hat tip: Justin W.