Russia getting slow-motion with it:

Wow that’s impressive.  I can’t even fathom how loud that must be… I bet when most of those go off it’s like a midget drop kicking your chest.

LOL those 152mm shells and projectiles make .50 BMG look like a toy for babies.

Here are the wikipedia pages for the items in use:

0:20 – 2B14 Podnos
0:30 – 2S3 Akatsiya
1:45 – 152mm gun 2A36
3:05 – 2S19 Msta
5:16 – T-12 antitank gun
7:21 – BM-21 Grad
9:44 – TOS-1


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Today marks 60 years Queen Elizabeth II has had the throne:

Read about the 62 gun salute – HERE

I could listen to that brass hit the ground all day!

To quote Jay-z and Kanye on Watch The Throne… “That shit CRAY!”.  

The queen seems cool and all, and I know it’s history… but seriously when is this ridiculous charade that is the royal family, going to stop?


The mold:

The giant pellets:

In action:

I based the design on a JSB Exact Jumbo .177 cal pellet scaled up to 3″ diameter with slight modifications. I had a local machine shop make the mold to my specs, spent a couple hours with a file tweaking alignments and on the lathe polishing the core pin for easy release, then set about our first casting session. Here are some photos. Projectile weight about 7.3 lbs, cast out of 1:40 tin:lead.

Check out the full thread and more pictures – HERE

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As the description says: “When a firefight breaks out and an outpost is under fire the choice between rounds down range or uniforms isn’t a hard choice.”

Is that a Canadian thing? Or has the U.S. military occasionally been known to slay taliban in gym shorts and flip-flops too?

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Wow… I’m impressed. The guy definitely knows how to have a good time blowing shit up.