assault clip

Yea this is how it goes:


Source – Critical Mass

There are two camps when it comes to this type of thing.  The first, where it’s not acceptable to call a magazine a “clip” or a cartridge a “bullet” (this is the camp I’m in), because those just aren’t their names.  Camp #2 argues that “Language evolves bro”.  Oh language evolves?  So that means we should be OK with calling AR-15s “assault rifles” too, even though by definition they are not?  Whatever… I really don’t care that much but if you say “clip” around me when referring to a magazine I’ll LOL inside and know that you’re a newb.


Hat tip: Castro


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Mattv2099 with the 1000 yard stare, scowl, and a whole lot of lead downrange:

This magazine obviously has no sporting purpose, and is only intended to kill hundreds of people.  Write your lawmakers and ask them to keep high capacity 600 round assault magazines out of the hands of the public.  If it only saves one life…

Another danger is that it’s so concealable.  You could EASILY slip that magazine inside a 8ft bamboo shoot and stroll around in public, without anyone having any idea.  That’s scary.


Also, as it was pointed out on facebook, we need to ban high capacity assault ladders.  There is just no reason a ladder should have over 7 rungs.  You take the ladder out of the equation and the shooter is forced to use stilts, which will likely make them an easier target for good samaritans to knock over and save innocent lives.

And to think, days ago I was only worried about the 64 round high capacity assault magazines.



Sebastian from Snowflakes In Hell held an Assault Clip contest, and here were a couple of the funniest entries:

I used to HATE that stupid paper clip.

I hope the Brady Campaign sees these posts.  They obviously won’t learn anything from them though… some people will always insist that “clips” and “magazines” are interchangeable terms. Don’t even get me started on the “assault” part…