Athena’s Armory


A paltry $250 over at Athena’s Armory. It also comes in a black snakeskin looking leather if you’re an edgy cool mom.

Imagine not being sophisticated enough to buy this for your lady, so you end up having to walk around with her while she’s purse carrying (embarrassing 😬 wow my guy…yikes), or worse carrying in some sort of kydex monstrosity.


Gat tip: Alex

NOTE: Hope some of you are still checking back!  I took an extended break at Christmas because I was having so much fun… repeatedly ate too much, stared at the ocean a lot, went to a lot of great breweries with my family etc.  Hope you all had a good time as well!  I feel like it will take a few days worth of posting for me to really “regain my voice” and straight SNAP on everyone again with the commentary on the content.