baby carrier

Yup… this happened:


  • Extreme comfort – Ergonomic design to provide extra comfort and support for parent and baby.
  • Lumbar support – Exclusive Patent Pending weight distribution lumbar support to ease back pressure.
  • Adjustable hood – Protect your child from the elements with the adjustable sleeping hood made with breathable fabric.
  • Custom storage compartments – Convenient customized multiple storage compartments for all the items you’ll need.

Multicam-Baby-CarrierI give this an automatic 5/5 stars for operators who knocked up their girlfriends.  In standard internet fashion there is very little information on this product, and no price or availability date or anything.  Like I said pretty standard… you can keep an eye on the website – Quokkajoy , and contact them if you’re interested.  Make sure to report back so I can update this post.

Here’s some knowledge… I assumed the name must have some sort of relevance / meaning so I googled Quokka, and sure enough it’s a marsupial the size of a domestic cat.

Thoughts?  Would impregnate a female then operate with this carrier?  Would keep a Quokka as a pet?  These are the things I need to know.

Gat tip: Marcel




I don’t even have kids, and I want one.  I like the MOLLE webbing on the front in the pic on the left so a person could add a bottle pouch, and maybe another couple pouches for snacks.  I think one of the best things about having a baby would be you have an excuse to buy and eat piles of arrowroot cookies.  Come to think of it I should just buy a box next time i’m at Costco anyway.

The tactical baby carriers will be available soon from Mayflower (Warning: website fail.. sound plays by default).   I have no idea what the price will be.


Hat tip: Eric