The Ammo Channel takes a look:

Makes me wonder if the Hague convention specifies the FMJ’s have to be loaded forwards?  hahah

3:26 – HOLY… would NOT want to be hit with that.  It goes without saying that getting hit with regular .308 wouldn’t be on my “to do” list either.

Loading-Bullets-Backwards-AmmoNot until the end of the video do we see that the cases split and the primers appear to have enlarged.  Yea probably not ideal.

Just wait until the media gets a hold of “Backward assault bullets with 248% more killing power”.

Thoughts? Anyone ever do this with the same or different results?


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Blog reader Chris Harper brings it:

If you don’t get why the picture is funny, take a close look at the magazine.

In case any of you that are reading this post forgot, HK screwed up royally with their catalog cover photo a while back and loaded the rounds in backwards and secured themselves a spot in the internet gun hall of fame /shame.

You can buy Chris’ gun at GunsAmerica for $650 – HERE You’ll be operating in highspeedlowdrag special operations in no time.


The force is not strong with this one:

I wonder how long the problem took to diagnose? :P


The book was published in 1909, so maybe chicken winging was embraced back then?

This police officer from Marble Falls, TX must have studied a copy of the book as part of her training.

Since the detachable box magazine was not widely used back in 1909, I’m sure the tip on putting your magazine in backwards was picked up by the officer from another source. :lol:

Suggestions to Military Riflemen is available at Amazon, but unfortunately it appears to come with a generic cover.  Hopefully there is plenty of chicken wingin’ goodness inside to make up for it.