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If you aren’t already watching the AMC show Breaking Bad, then you should get caught up. The show is absolutely incredible.  At first I was a bit skeptical, considering one of the main characters “Walt” (played by Bryan Cranston) was previously known to me as the dad on the goofy fox comedy show “Malcolm in the Middle”.  Let me tell you though, his performance in this show as a drug manufacturer / high school teacher does not disappoint.

In the most recent episode ( Season 3, Episode 7 ) a fast talking gun dealer gives a Black Talon bullet by the name of “Black Death” to the Mexican hitmen.  I transcribed the scene the best I could:

I’m runnin’ a special on these little honeys.  JHPs.  Hollow point bullets known by the names as black death.

Check it out.  You like that? So sweet you wanna lick it.

Nickle plated brass casing, Lubalox coat (unintelligible)

Sucker has six ranger claws that expand upon impact.

Shred your (unintelligible) head like a cabbage.

I’m not going describe any more of the episode, because I don’t want to spoil it… you should definitely check the series out!

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  • Hi-def Blue-ray seasons (which I recommend) – HERE and HERE

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Glock 36 Malfunction – Lawsuit Timeline

Note the following from the article:

I fired 120 rounds that day at the range. 100 rounds of Remington UMC ammo and 20 rounds of Corbon JHP +P. I experienced three of the same malfunctions with the Remington ammunition

No problems with the Corbon.  Coincidence?

My son and I fired the weapon on August 13 with 50 rounds of Winchester White Box and 50 rounds of Blazer Brass, both 230g ball factory ammo. I had one malfunction with the Winchester ammo, and my 16 year-old son had the same malfunction with the Blazer Brass

Again, the cheapest ammo you can buy.

I have had similar problems using cheap ammo with my G26.  I would get the occasional FTE (Failure To Extract) when I was positive I was not limp wristing.  This was ALWAYS when I was using a low end ammo such as Winchester white box, Remington UMC, Blazer, or Wolf, all which are notoriously underpoweredI never had one problem with higher priced self defense ammo.

Reading the forums it seems to happen a fair bit with sub-compact models.  I agree that it is unfortunate that the issue exists, but you can’t blame a malfunction on the gun itself, when you are feeding it garbage.

I’d like to see a few hundred self defense rounds ran through that G36.  I would be willing to bet there would be no issues at all.

From what I have read, I don’t believe Glock should have lost the lawsuit.  That said, the situation should never have even reached that point. I would have liked to see them step up earlier on (after the 2nd set of issues) and apologize to Chris about his G36, and offer to exchange it for another gun.  If they would have done that, both parties could have saved a lot of time and effort over something so trivial.



Exciting! Some lucky kid is getting a Mac-10 for Christmas!

Come on Santa, trigger discipline!!!  You don’t want to put a hole in an Elf!



On a recent MythBusters episode they asked the question:

“Is it possible to shoot a gun out of a bad guy’s hand”

Fly to Your Dreams Blog has a good writeup including some of his observations.

I agree with all his points.  But here is an idea…

Why risk collateral damage when some scumbag is doing something threatening with a gun?  Do the world a favor and just shoot him.

Disarming someone with a bullet does make for good family friendly T.V. though: