ballpoint pen

My man Wirty Dhore Bic pens his pumpkin Glock to take it down:

ballpoint-pen-glock-disassemblyVery rare. Very seasonal.  Now I feel like a chump for owning a Glock tool. :P

OOOOh that sweater with the thumbholes too though.


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Jesse Ingall shows us how to do it if we can’t carry a firearm:


Remember when Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulibarri suggesting fighting active shooters with ballpoint pens?  Studies show that rapists are incredibly afraid of whistles too… so I see this setup being 100% effective in stopping a threat.


In use picture of the IWB setup as you can see.  Scary that he could just pull his shirt overtop and no one would ever know he had an assault pen and high decible assault whistle underneath.

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