Some machine shop goodness from LaRue Tactical:

AR15-Barrel-Vibration-Dampener-BowjaxSome of you might find this type of thing boring.  I really like machining and automation, espeically when it’s firearm or clothing related.

No LaRue isn’t making barrel dampeners (pictured left)… yet.  Maybe they’ll be operator enough someday.



Had to double down on the posts about the same eBay guy that is selling the Cool Mag.  This is too good:



Made from .030 stainless chrome alloy that is practically rust proof, and YES it cools your barrel.
This serrated pattern is designed for maximum heat dissipation used in Hi-tech heat exchangers.
AR-fins are a two part system a primary rap around the barrel and a secondary sheet for added cooling.
It fits in all 6.7 inch Quad Rail Carbine Length 2 Piece Drop-In Systems.
AR-fins weigh only a few ounces and installs in minutes and LOOKS GREAT.
We utilize a precision crush fit using your Quad rail for maximum contact with the barrel and thus alleviating any possibility of rattle or noise from the fins.

If you don’t like this idea… bros do you even science?  

Sometimes the speed holes in your current quad rail just don’t cut it when it comes to heat dissipation.  If you’re not disappating the maximum amount of heat GTFO, and get you some fins.

The bid is currently at $40… get in! haha


Hat tip: Mark


Wet noodle AR-15 barrels FTW:

Last time I checked it’s almost 2013, so unless you’re building some retro throwback tribute to an AR-15 of yore, you need to do like Rob Pincus says and free float the shit out of your barrel.

Do you not want to be the best operator you can be?  Good luck getting range hunnies with sub-MOA groups.

I whipped this up as a joke to go with the post title, but I actually kind of like it:



The old way, by cutting the rifling grooves into the barrel:

One of the new ways, by cold hammer forging the grooves in:

Frankly they are both frightening as hell!  The 2nd video isn’t specifically firearm related, but the process is similar.  I cringed every time that hammer came down and struck the object… that’s TONS of force per square inch.

To use a Workaholics reference… both processes are so tight butthole.


Hat tip: Simon, Eric


Created by Team 254 at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA:


  • 10 Barrels
  • Capable of launching 3 shirts /second
  • Range of 150+ yards
  • Speed of 12 feet/sec+

I wonder how many launched-shirt related injuries there are every year at sporting events? :P


I was sent this today from Bushmaster:

Drake from Magpul dumps 10 rounds with the 14.5″, then proceeds to switch it out for the 10.5″  barrel in no time flat and shoots 10 more. Pretty slick system.

The ACR looks pretty awesome with the 10.5″ on it!

Bushmaster is taking requests for any specific ACR videos you guys would like to see.

Type your requests in the comments section below this post.