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When does the Glock version come out?

He mentions using it to hit someone in the video, but the patent shows its purpose was intended to be a barrel extension.¬† I’m assuming it was designed to be carried and used as a baton until the officer wanted to extend the barrel for whatever reason, like more velocity and better accuracy.¬† Kind of a lot to ask, if they were looking at turning a S&W model 10 into something surgical at long range.


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Pepper spray, baton, light, stun-gun:

If I were a cop and I got issued of of these, the first thing i’d do is mount an ACOG on that rail for long range beatings and¬†precise¬†pepper sprays.

Hopefully the next iteration will have a quadrail, and room for a m203.

You can check out the spec sheet on Aegis’ website – HERE


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