If your favorite sushi place isn’t already expensive enough:

Tell them you want special shapes like this, and i’m sure they would be willing to accommodate you for a hefty fee.

Made by Japanese design student Mayuka Nakamura for her graduation project.    *Sigh* fine arts…

Her website poorly translates to English, but if I could read Japanese I’m sure i’d find some deep “purpose” statement.  I’m sure those transcend cultures in the art world.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The CGI in this is off the chain:

Right on, Rihanna even looks good with short hair and a hat.  Not that I expected she wouldn’t have.

Basically this movie looks like what I imagine Transformers 4 will look like.

I usually end up watching this type of movie eventually, since the CGI is so impressive and the action is non stop.

Release Date: May 18, 2012

Anyone heading to the theater on opening night for this one?

Hat tip: Matt S.


Made by artist Phil Noto.

Pretty cool, but i’d have been slightly more impressed if he used a Nike Air Force 1 over some random other shoe.


It’s a print ad from google, and it’s real according to a company rep.

Awesome ad and everything Google… but quit fooling around and put out a Chrome OS tablet already for me to buy.