This thing is quick:

Airsoft-Meme1:38 – “I probably should be wearing some safety glasses” <– famous last words.  haha then *safety squints* flash-overlaid in the video.

Just when I think the comments on gun related videos are bad, all I have to do is check out an airsoft related video like this one and my head explodes from all the stupidity.

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*smh* wear full face production if you’re going to play that game:

Airsoft-MemeAs shown in the last vid, that’s basically how they take it out at a hospital anyway, so might as well do it on your own.  Just watch out for infection bros.

Question: “Where did you get your scar?”
Answer: “Airsoft” <-- Is not going to impress girls. Thoughts? Anyone have this happen to them?


A prototype for a 1200 round per minute BB/pellet gun, that is apparently going up for sale within the year.

Doesn’t sound like this guy is from the U.S., and i’m not sure what the legality of something like this would be here.

The 500 round magazine capacity would be deadly for pest control. :P

I’d really like to see better video and pictures of this gun… it looks both awkward and promising at the same time.


Pretty simple to build.  The full-auto is a nice touch.

That would inflict some nice damage on nuisance birds like crows and pigeons. Not to mention it would also be real quiet for city use.


The Kid From A Christmas story… seriously, how could you not find him creepy?  He looks like a serial killer.

Here is a picture of him opening up his Red Ryder BB gun:

In the uncut version he gets an AR-15:

With an ACOG, and a quadrail too! wow… :P

Another shot of Ralphie with a different AR-15: