There’s a gun in it, and the video / song is tight so I’m posting it:

1:26 – Oooo that Goyard trunk.

2:02 – Future wife perkiness under gravity goals.  Yes I know they aren’t real, they look good tho.

3:20 – When someone calls my phone with something they could have texted I’m like…

3:33 – Oh shit Eric Roberts!

5:36 – Money gun haha

I think the entire video can be summed up by “Well that escalated quickly!” haha.

Rihanna-Gun-TattooI’ve blogged about Rihanna a few other times on here.  I think it’s pretty safe to say she’s pro gun, and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks either way.  OMG it appears she even now has a Deagle tattoo on her thigh.  I’m not really much of a tattoo guy… but that’s hot.

So who’s getting BBHMM engraved on a gun?