Look no further than the gun bed:

Suspiciously terrible taste in bedspread / pillow pattern aside (haha zebra, cheetah, leopard?) this guy is NOT to be messed with when he’s in his jammies trying to catch some ZZZZzzz.  Where can I get some ill sweatpants with the knee detail like that?

Jokes aside, I wonder if getting the gun out properly takes coordination and practice?  I’d probably be all groggy, hit the release and my AR-15 would hit me in the head and knock me unconscious.  Another thing I’m not at all thrilled about is the fact for those who aren’t #ForeverAlone, someone else in the bed with you is going to have to be in on your little surprise gun action.  If not, they might find themselves accidentally releasing the rifle… getting muzzle swept, or knocked in the head with the barrel when you’re trying to get the gun out when you hear a ruckus.

pantherIs the gun bed vaporware?  I don’t know… what I do know is that the link in the YouTube description where you could supposedly order it doesn’t work.  I’m guessing the guy made his millions, retired and is just chilling in the tropics right now getting fed grapes by supermodels on platinum gun beds, surrounded by real zebra, cheetahs, and leopards.


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I always like that guy, but this seals the deal:

“You have to have a gun under your bed,” Kutcher said. “…I don’t have security.”

Full Story – HERE

He’s one of us.

The statement he made was in an ABC news interview when asked about a radical new promo he was doing on Chat Roulette, for his new movie Killers.