Mama mia.. 🕶⤵️.. 😫 smh, I bet this got a lot of people:

At the time of writing this, the site is removed.  I wonder how many people were scammed though in the meantime?  Part of the problem is these large companies don’t even have their exact match .com domain name.  BenelliFirearms(.)com is every bit as alright looking as the official BenelliUSA(.)com domain name (both are not ideal when everyone just refers to the company as Benelli).

Looks like a motorcycle company is operating on  Benelli the firearms company is likely going to have to come up with some money if they want that one.  Worth every penny though in my opinion.


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When Charlie Sheen makes a threat, he apparently gets very specific:

The man told police he had a bad falling out with Charlie recently … and learned that Sheen vented about him in a text to a woman that read, “I’ll blow his head off with my Super 90.”

Source – TMZ

At least Charlie has good taste in Shotguns.   But wait there’s more:

A rep for Benelli USA — which manufactures the famed Super 90 shotgun — tells TMZ, the semi-automatic shotgun might also just “make a lot of smaller holes,” depending on the distance.

But one thing’s for sure, the rep tells us, laughing, “It’s impossible for him to blow someone’s head clean off.”

Source – TMZ

Oh really?  Who the hell is this rep?  Benelli should can that joker.  He had a prime opportunity to give an answer that would let the whole world how badass their shotguns are…. instead he opted for a wimpy “safe/wrong” answer.

I thought we heard the last of Charlie Sheen a while back but I guess not.  I find it hard to believe someone like him has zero felonies, but who knows?  Celebrities seem to have a knack for getting pardons.



Heh, why not…


Creepy as the concept might be, someone actually built an Internet-controlled network of web-accessible cameras and shotguns aimed into a food plot on a Georgia Power Company right-of-way last fall.

A utility contractor encountered the setup, snapped a few photos and reported the odd apparatus to the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, which in turn notified the U.S. Office of Homeland Security.

Full Story – HERE

LOL now that’s lazy.  I give them an A for ingenuity though. Gotta love our connected world.

Shouldn’t have been too hard to track the owner given they should have his IP address.

The right to bear arms remotely… That’s a new one.  Those Benelli guns aren’t cheap… Not the type I’d want to leave unattended anywhere.