Beretta 92

I used to want this so bad:

Sons-Of-Guns-Beretta-92-M9-DeagleBack in the day all I ever wanted was a Glock, 1911, and a stainless Beretta.  I bought and sold a Springfield Loaded model 1911 after I wasn’t impressed with how it had to be babied (pitting from rust, surface rust etc…), Bought and kept multiple Glocks, and never did yet get a Beretta of any type.  I chalk this mainly up to finding out about the Beretta Billennium, and wanting it… until I realized they sell for $2000+ and decided against it, and didn’t want to get my second choice of a Beretta INOX.  Will I buy an INOX or A Billennium someday just to have it?  Likely.

Thoughts?  Talk me out of a Billennium and a INOX in general.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Making of the gun music box:

0:14 – *snicker* Beretta 92 bootlegs by “Reck Firearms” out of West Germany.

1:19 – Awww yea Joerg Sprave in the house.  Doesn’t surprise me that they sought him out.   heheh that signature laugh at 1:32.

1:53 – I hate to think how much these Beretta clones + licenses set them back.  They even look like crap when they are new.

1:56 – Blanks.  That’s good to see at least.  Hopefully they know to still follow the 4 rules.

2:07 – “Make music, not war” <— *eye roll* neva bin done beFo’

2:48 – Ugh, they shot a music video with the rapper but decided not to use it because of the paris Bataclan shootings.  Nothing like letting a few shit heads ruin it for everyone else.  Again, classic “neva bin done beFo'”.

3:05 – Unpredictable?  Uh no, not if you buy a proper one.  Maybe the FTE’s were caused by the blanks… but the triggers breaking? haha who knows, what a piece of crap.

Gun-Music-Box3:45 – Cue the “we used guns for something more noble than their intended use” statement.  Standard.

Lots more pictures and info over at the Artist’s website.


Gat tip: Adam


Xbox Ahoy takes a look:

Mmmmm typography, vector graphics, and that smoooooooooth voice.

Sons-Of-Guns-Beretta-92-M9-Deaglehaha that he touched on the 9mm vs .45 debate at 3:55.

Even if you don’t like videogame, most of this video has to do with function and history.