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I liked the start where Bill was saying not to blame an inanimate object such as a gun (we’ve been through that a million times before).  He lost me with the “Blame the parents” part directly after that.  Sure parenting obviously has a massive impact on a person’s life, but being 33 years old and knowing some people who had various family situations growing up, I can tell you that some people just decide on their own to be terrible human beings…. the same way some people decide they are going to be an asset to society and a model human being.

The “fatherless bitter boys” rhetoric seems like just as much of a reach as the “all of them owned violent video games” rhetoric the anti-gun crowd likes to always tack on to every tragedy. *shrug*

I’m no expert, but If you ask me the bottom line across the board with these tragedies is mental illness.  All the amazing parenting in the world isn’t going to stop an idiot who is actually crazy, from doing whatever he/she wants to.  STEP 1: Stop making scumbags famous.  STEP 2: Figure out how to actually help people who are mentally ill.

gun-control-worksAlthough there were some good points towards the end, Bill lost me on this one for the most part.  He has had some great videos in the past, and I hope he has some great videos in the future.


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The homie Bill Whittle speaks on murder and gun ownership in the USA:

bill-cosby-sweaterWhen you see B. Whitt you just know you’re about to get a roundhouse of truth to the dome.



This is amazing:


I’ve posted some Bill Whittle videos before… the guy just makes sense.  Nothing beats proving your point with solid analogies and facts.  His delivery is on point too.

He should have finished that up, dropping the mic on the floor and saying “Checkmate”.


Hat tip: Andy


I started up the video and figured he was some sort of politician so I kind of tuned out.  I gave the video another chance today though and it’s actually really good, and some excellent points are made.