black ops

*shrug* looks cool I guess:

This is normally where I say some old man stuff, but I’m going to refrain from that this time.  If I thought I had any spare time at all after doing what I need to / want to do every day, trust me I’d be the first one to buy every game system as soon as it came out.

I’m surprised companies are so willing to pay the no doubt massive licensing fees for Rolling Stones songs in 2015.  I agree those songs are timeless, and the Doody franchise definitely isn’t scraping pennies together… I just feel that there could have been more fitting music / more 2015 kid-relatable music had for cheaper.

call-of-duty-black-opsHoly November 6th release date!  What are Doody nerds doing to do all summer?  Bitch about Blops Deux and maybe try to touch a girl’s boob?  That sounds entertaining enough actually tbh.



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Black Ops III teaser:

nutnfancy-tactically-constipatedHEY! *poke* *poke* You fell asleep right? Damn that was boring.  I can’t believe it was only just over 1 minute because it felt like 3 hours.

This April 26th World Reveal better blow my socks off, even though I’ll likely never play the game.



Is this real life?

Basically this summarizes the weapon personalization packs shown in the video:

bruno-gayThey might as well just put a fuchsia dick pattern on those rifles.  Teenagers these days *smh*.  I would have thought COD could have come up with something a little more tastefully tactical.



A new personalization pack they are offering:


Pick it up over at the Call of Duty store.

Cost: 160 Microsoft Points (whatever that means?).  There are also some other packs like zombies, money, snake skin…

haha why not right?  mmmm that smell on sustained auto fire tho…


It surprised me how much of the board making process was done by hand.  Seeing that guy operate the band saw and belt sander in freestyle mode made me cringe.  The end product looked pretty badass though (from a distance anyway). I’m assuming this hands on approach was just because it was a 1 of 1 and for promotional use only but I could be wrong.

Starting at around 4:24 they do a live action type thing turned out fairly cool.

6:00 – They throw some .45 lead at it with the Glock 21.  The snowboarder was quite surprised the armor actually stopped the bullets… he did say that was his first time shooting a gun but  I thought one would assume the vest would preform as intended considering that’s it’s job.

You can buy Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for $59 on Amazon if you’re interested.  It’s unsurprisingly the #1 best selling game on there right now.



Oh you used AC/DC’s “Back In Black” for your trailer theme?  Tell me about how unpredictable of a choice that was:

I made fun of the choice to use the AC/DC song (I do like that song btw), but in reality a high percentage of the people who will by playing this game probably love AC/DC due to the popularity of Guitar Hero, and possibly even from the AC/DC LIVE track pack.

The trailer itself looks quite intense, but also most of  it looks like cut scenes to me.   It’s hilarious how they give all these operators every piece of ridiculously advanced equipment .. winged suits! haha well I guess the year is 2025.

Omg.. I just realized the game hasn’t actually “Launched” and isn’t actually launching until November 13th.  If you want the game quickly though you can place a pre-order at Amazon for it.