Blackhawk Serpa

The music 🤘😎🤘:

The song is actually by a little known Italian ska band I saw life in Rome called “Luigi’s Rhinoplasty” (that’s the rough translation to English anyways).  If you guys have never spent time over there I wouldn’t expect you to know that.  Sorry for flexin.

Thoughts?  Did they out-SERP the BLACKHAWK(!) Serpa?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Try GripShot! *eye roll* The picatinny rail mounted handgun holster adapter:

Oh and not just any handgun holster, the Blackhawk Serpa.  If you’re not familiar, this holster is known worldwide for people accidentally shooting themselves on the unholster because it involves pressing a button with your finger to disengage a lock in order to pull the gun out.  Remember Tex Grebner?

LOL in some of the website photos the even have the FN 5.7 mounted (pictured) on a short barreled AR.  People constantly shit their pants over that gun ever since that piece of shit Fort Hood shooter used it, and the media reported that the rounds go 291x the speed of light and penetrate tank armor if I remember correctly.


Now I’m not going to front and act like this wont decrease draw time if you’ve already got your rifle pointed at someone, because the handgun is literally right where your hands are.  My question is… if you’ve already got your rifle pointed at someone, why would you suddenly be like “Oh I think I would rather use something inferior to shoot this scumbag”?  Yea I get that if your rifle runs dry and you have no more ammo, you’re going to need to use your handgun, and in this case your handgun is right there.  Really though at that point the best thing would probably be to get your now useless rifle out of the way first, and grab your handgun off your belt (or other normal places) where it should be?

The one guy in the video is so damn highspeed that he is using a grip shot in conjunction with a drop leg holster with another handgun in it.  I’m sure he probably has another backup on his ankle, and possibly even a 4th handgun IWB.  The great news is that Blackhawk (oh excuse me “BLACKHAWK!” because apparently you have to yell the name) makes both right and left handed Serpa holsters, so you can easily mount handguns all up and down your quad rail like a true operator.  Mattv2099, why haven’t you done this yet?  I am disappoint.

The “system” goes for $95 without a holster and $135 with a holster over at GripShot.  

I’m really disappointed that BLACKHAWK doesn’t make Serpa’s for the Deagle brand Deagle. So much for my next project I was going to call the “Reciprocal Deagle” where I would mount Deagle after Deagle on top of one another using the top picatinny rail. “Deagle Centipede”? Like that name better? Maybe I’ll see if Blackhawk would be down for a custom run just to troll.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: Van