Herp de derp:

Holy that was one of the most painful videos I’ve ever had to sit through.  These “solutions” now are coming out of the woodwork so often.  I wonder if people are actually buying them?  The ballistic shield, the Minnesota shot blocker etc… I have no idea how much this Bodyguard blanket is, because their website is unsurprisingly a piece of shit.

If you feel like you want even less confidence in their product, try to make it through this test:

HE’S A DOCTOR GUYS!  Ballistic gel and armor material.

I’m torn on what to think about these things.  I couldn’t imagine having a kid and explaining to them that they might actually DIE at school if they don’t carry this fucking stupid looking blanket I bought him or her, and know how to use it properly. Additionally can you imagine being one of the only kids with a derp blanket? That’s a ticket to unlimited swirlies and wedgies. Anyone else think that “teacher” looks sus?



Hat tip: Rick


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“Order now and we’ll include a free clip snuggie” <– Oh.. good… I see in the video that it fits magazines as well.  I was worried that since they called it a “clip snuggie” that it would only fit clips. :roll:

I know I said it before, but they seriously need to start teaching this is schools:

The “Assault Rifle” thing I can get past…. Clip/Magazine I can’t :P