Cliven gathers everyone around and gives his observations regarding Mexicans and black people *smh*:

This is Bundy Ranch owner Cliven Bundy in case anyone was confused.  How great for the cause, when not only do you have armed “militia members” but now also what the media is calling a “racist” at the helm.

Oh man… seriously have you ever heard of the internet old man?  What was the point of this rant?  I imagine there was more than a few people in attendance shaking their heads the whole time he was spouting off this garbage.  ARE THEY (black people) BETTER OFF AS SLAVES?! Are you for real?! I lost it at that point… wow.

Cliven-Bundy-Deal-With-ItSince this video leaked, I imagine this has made him more enemies than friends.  It will be interesting to see if less people show up if the BLM comes back to intimidate  him at a later date.

The BLM may or may not be in the wrong, I still don’t really have a solid opinion… that said, I don’t like this Cliven character one bit.

A couple people emailed me this article Meet The Militia Rushing To Cliven Bundy’s Defense, which might be worth checking out. I see it has a lot of Buck Yeager talk in it.


Hat tip: YRPD, James


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Why aren’t you out with him at the Bundy Ranch?  Why am I not there?

Good-Guy-James-Yeager-MemeI’ll tell you why, because A) some people don’t like adverse conditions, and B) People have obligations… like oh I don’t know FAMILY AND WORK etc..?  I already had this time penciled in a while back for eating cheetos in my underwear while drinking wine coolers and listening to Adele, so that’s my excuse.  What’s your excuse?

He did make a good point in a separate video though, about how if as many people showed up to make a statement against government actions as the amount of people who are at any given NFL football game, that would look good, and be good for the country.  Something to think about for sure.

I gotta hand it to him for putting his money where his mouth is on this one, and not just because it’s fitting in with his “Ammonation” show nicely.  I wonder if anyone challened him to a duel there? :P


TheRealTrippleB explains:

FOX’s Dana Loesch on the incident:

Dana Loesch speaks the truth with this:

If these cattle were people and they were here illegally.. the department of justice would be running guns to them and the department of homeland security would be driving by with free government phones and EBT carts, but now that they’re cattle they are actually rounding them up and killing them.

AHHAHHA nice one.

I’m sure Dana is a really sweet girl, but I can’t help but think of this Bitchy Resting Face video every time I see her haha.

Deal-With-ItI don’t know enough about this incident to have an opinion.  All I know is I had never heard of the “Bureau of Land Management” before this incident.  Honestly anyone could just pull a bureau name out of your ass at this point like “Mike, the Bureau of Internet Science And Trolling Management now wants monthly dues from you” and I’d probably google it to make sure.