bolt face

Ugh fellas… I hate to bring this to your attention, but behold:

$12 on the ARFCOM website.  Initially I was flabbergasted this thing was actually brought to market by them.  However, many people on that site no doubt suffer from actual autism (no joke intended), so having a spinner which matches their interests I’d have to say is quite cute.


Gat tip: Anon

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If you missed my original announcement a couple of days ago, most of you are out of luck.

If you’re a size small, there are a few left so grab one while you can over at ENDO Apparel.

This particular design will never be made again.

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Grab your limited edition AR-15 / M16 / M4 bolt face t-shirt (Nov. 1-15 while supplies last) over at ENDO Apparel.

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If you liked the fit and feel of the previous shirts, you’ll love this one. It’s on a more expensive American Apparel Tri-Blend… a really nice dark heather grey.

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