Maybe my standards are too high when it comes to blowing stuff up, but I find this mini cannon series incredibly boring.

Shortly after Part 1 came out in April, I have been getting 1-2 emails per week from people telling me about the video. Rather than be rude and say “That is the most boring video I’ve ever seen” I was nice and said I’d consider posting about it.  Since it is clear the emails are going to keep coming in regarding this video I decided to write this post.

The only thing that I found slightly impressive was in Part 2 when the cannon operator was able to hit the gas filled balloon and the fluorescent light from a decent distance.  Although, in retrospect that could have been take #whoknows … so i’m pretty much back to being unimpressed.

Here are both parts if you haven’t already seen them:




Blah blah blah blah… I’m so sick of Daley and his bullshit.

If you want to waste 36 minutes of your life watch the following youtube video on the new gun ordinance:


If you have better things to do, just take a quick browse through the city of Chicago’s press releases page HERE to get the summary of all crap people will have to put up with.

Ugh I almost fell asleep writing this post… I need to find something funny to post now to wake me up.