Qusay Hussein, dead son of Saddam Hussein busts some moves at an iraq rager:

Comparing against the criteria required to be a certified Middle East Hipster:

  • White high-top NewBalance kicks? √
  • White hammer pants? √
  • Tucked in white tee perfectly bloused? √
  • Studded black leather belt? √
  • Tightly manicured stache? √
  • Vintage Rayban Wayfarers? √
  • Denim stars & stripes jacket? √ (extra points for being especially ironic)

Yep he definitely covered all his bases.   With swag like that he could have got any girl in the room.

OH SNAP!!! Did he pull out the invisible rifle move at 0:57?!!!!

I felt like his friend in purple was trying to teach me how to dougie, Iraq style.  Mute the vid on the left at Youtube Doubler to see what I mean. Also, it appears he was wearing American Apparel before the brand was even invented… Way ahead of his time that one.

Hat tip: Bryan