haha Brownells got jokes:

I like when big companies aren’t uptight, and do this type of thing.  Good stuff.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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OH SHIT, this is awesome:

Daaaaaaaaaamn, I’m really feeling that olive drab colorway.  And to think I was saying I’d never build another AR 🤔🤔🤔.

I highly recommend you purchase an AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt first, then go pick up the retro components at Brownells.  I try not to shoehorn product mentions in too often, but when it works it works you know?

Thoughts?  You excited about this, or is it not really your thing?


First you’re like:

????? Hunny I have no idea. *wipes sweat off forehead* ?

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Then you’re like (this one is a video, so click play):

? @Brownellsinc

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Justin-Bieber-GlockMake sure to follow me on Instagram.  Besides the memes I post, the comments are entertaining a lot of times too.  Like on the first of these posts for example, I was educated on the fact Justin Beiber is anti-gun.  Yea I already knew that, and don’t care enough to modify my sense of humor to extensively investigate every person or company I want to crack a joke about to make sure they aren’t anti-gun and have no anti gun affiliations.  If Wayne LaPierre had a song called “What do you mean?” and another called “Sorry” I would have maybe used him in the meme instead. Oh and here’s a good one… tradecraft_hand The same idiot who wrote that instagram comment berating me for using Justin Bieber in these memes, has up a “Most instering man in the world” meme containing actor Jonathan Goldsmith who is apparently a huge Obama supporter and even had a fundraiser for him back in 2012. Pure gold.



This is interesting / cool:

I like the idea, and there is definitely going to be such a small number of people who take advantage of it according to studies.

Keanu-Woah0:30 – She sent her dead gunsmith husband’s USED tools back, and received a refund?  I’m sorry that she lost her husband, but widow or not that seems like a dickish move.  He made his living off those tools, and obviously got his money’s worth.  Much respect to Brownells for having such a policy. I wish I could buy a Ferrari tomorrow, and a couple years from now when the new body style comes out be like “Meh I’m over this one so I’m returning it.”

Here is their exact return policy:

Brownells guarantees 100% satisfaction on every item you purchase. If you buy a product from Brownells and decide you don’t need it, don’t want it, or just don’t like it, we’ll take it back any time; no questions asked. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% forever.

Thoughts?  Pretty awesome right?


Mmmmmmm manufacturing and testing:

I knew Brownells sold magazines, but I had no idea they actually MADE their own.

1:17 – I always feel sorry for the test firing guy when the gun is strapped into that torture device and he just has to go through the motions.  In a perfect world that guy could develop some excellent bumpfire skills while on the job instead.

ClipMagazineLessonCool to know that they sell the same mags to you and I as to those who operate in operations.

It’s nice to see Brownells being safe about things such as eye protection there too, as opposed to the Mantra AK-47 magazine factory haha.



Like shooting fish in a ____.  Brownells tells us what we need, and how to do it:

YEAH!  Why passively dangle a line in the water when you have the option of shooting a fish with an arrow?  Looks and sounds rewarding.  The first I ever heard of this was my cousin Austin bought a bowfishing setup a few years back when he came to visit me.  I thought he was trolling me at first but then he showed me a few videos and my mind was blown.

If you remember, CarnikCon even did a video on bowfishing carp because they are actually an eco weapon to destroy US waterways.  Matt Dillon even made a fish gun video just incase you find the idea of bowfishing too mundane.

Russian-Grenade-FishingI’m ’bout that shotgun tuna life.  #HowImLivin

Thoughts?  Ban assault bows?  Just wait until I invent a high capacity bow that fires 10 pitch forks into the water at a time.