butt wipes

Interesting product.  Awesome video:

From the same guy that brought us the epic Dollar Shave Club video.  hahahah @ him running with the rifle at 0:56.  That guy’s got jokes…

Dollar-Shave-Club-Butt-WipesYou can read more about One Wipe Charlies over at the website.  40 wipes for $4 doesn’t seem bad for home emergencies.  I love how it says they smell like peppermint and they are made from “flushable & biodegradable viscose rayon”.  I have an American Apparel t-shirt made from viscose rayon that is soft as hell… I’m just thinking out loud here but maybe I should sacrifice it first and see how I like the feel and possibly save myself $4.  Wait… the shirt is worth more than $4 though scratch that. ;)


Hat tip: Craig


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