It’s true, the hood loves Hi-Points:

hahah everything about this video is đź’Ż.  Hi-Point definitely knows their market… they did that money print for real so we already know they have a sense of humor.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they reached out to Andrew and sponsored this video too.  Andrew gets his hood pass validated for life for this one.


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I’m always down for a good Hi-Point roast vid:

Hi-Point-Meltheh not bad not bad.  The best part about Hi-Point roasts are the people who come out of the woodwork to defend them.  Cool story if you like them.


Oh it’s lit:


hahah seriously.  Naturally I assumed this was some aftermarket 3rd party hydrodip…. NOPE.  According to Vance Outdoors where you can buy it for $200, Hi-Point released it as a limited edition.

Like John (the guy who sent the link to me) said, “I guess we know who their demographic is”.  Hahah noooo kidding.  When is the “bottom of the lake camouflage” version coming?  Or the version that fingerprints don’t stick to? :P

Hat tip: Sickguns via John


Mattv2099 takes it to the lab:

Glock-40-Problem-SolverIt’s science like this which keeps the forward momentum in the firearms industry.

If you didn’t get the “Glock 40” joke, take a look at the picture I used in this post.  It’s from a National Geographic show called Drugs Inc. where a gangbanger said that.


Something tells me they voided the warranty with that stunt.

Gotta love the hootin’ and hollerin’ after it goes down.

From the same guys that brought us Hi-Point Pistols – The Ultimate Torture Test.