Mattv2099 puts on a clinic:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingSure the icing was black… but it could have be blacker.  Just saying.

3:00 – Holy, what a mess.  Looks like a picture I once saw of a Glock that was in a fire.

If you missed the original Glock brand Glock cakeazine trollture test, you should check it out.


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Mattv2099 continues to push the limit of trolling:

Wow, even a high capacity hollow point cop killer assault border on the cake.  mmmmm that cake looks MOIST.   I know someone is going to suggest a new shirt idea… stylized Glock Cake with “MOIST AS _ _ _ _” written underneath it. hahah

Glock-CakeThere looked like there was a ton of cake jammed in that barrel… I thought for sure this vid was going to feature a KABOOM.

The suggestions people make on his youtube video are amazing…. “Make a poo Glock” I lol’d at when I did a cursory glance at the comments of this video. I actually like that suggestion too.

I was incredibly disappointed this remnants of this cake didn’t get sent to Africa.  What you think Africa doesn’t need dessert?  Matt that’s so racist.



The slingshot is cool and everything, but it only made me want a cake a could shoot a gun at.

I’m thinking “Duck Hunt Cake With Shotgun, with laughing cake dog”


[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Portland’s Kamp Grizzly developed a steam-punk style pneumatic cupcake cannon and set the stage for eating frosty delights at 120psi. The blasting buffet was documented in at 700fps coming off the Phantom HD Gold.


Where does one sign up for something like this?  My cupcake intake has been frighteningly low lately. :P

I would have liked to see more of the actual cannon because it looks pretty badass with all the copper and what not. Steampunk has such fun design aspects to it.

Unsurprisingly, the camera that google uses in the slow motion video I recently posted is way better than this one.