Girls, shenanigans, guns, drinking:

Hot-Shots-2015-CalendarNothing you see in this video will surprise you unless you’ve never heard of the Hot Shots girls before.  Looks like a good time.

You can pre-order the calendar on the Hot Shots website.


0:49 – The v. rare bionic arm boob honk LOL.

Hot-Shots-Calendar-2013Being a model would be exhausting… kind of.  It probably doesn’t pay much, plus you know damn well you’ll be replaced like yesterdays news as soon as you start aging etc..



Tex Grebner should get back on the map by submitting a parody video of this:

I love how even HotShots acknowledges that the recruiting process has absolutely zero to do with girls who know firearms or the military.  Why would it though I guess?  The only downside is when they have to show up at events like SHOT and IWA knowing precisely zero about either it looks kind of dumb.  I’m sure none of the guys who line up for autographs care though, and probably aren’t looking to have in depth 9mm VS. .45 and Picatinny VS Keymod type debates. hah

Tex-Grebner-No-ShirtMaybe the joke is on me, and this girl has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and did her thesis on advanced firearms design.  She is now working at Glock developing their soon to be released rifle, and modeling is just something she does to troll other girls.

If in 2014 you haven’t moved past paper calendars, you can pick one up over at the HotShots website.



Combining my primary interests… girls, guns, and fashion (in no particular order of importance):

I don’t know what I want more… a model or a Magpul Ronin bike.  When in doubt, choose both!

Interesting choices of location and setting… really a “high fashion” type feel, unlike the tactical operators who operate in operations feel these calendars normally have.

2:30 – Flag dress?  That’s bound to piss some people off.

2:35 – Smearing some tactical Vaseline on some glass to shoot a hipster style photo oldschool-like.  Post production please… photog girl keeps it mad real.

2:57 – That shirt pattern is commonly known as “model repellent”

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOThe calendar looks promising, I’ll say that much.  I hope they come out with some sweet computer desktop wallpaper.  Looks like Magpul has good taste in girls;  Would operate with.

You can pre-order the calendar for $17 if you own an empty wall or work at a workplace where you want to introduce some sexual-harassment style tension to make the women insecure and give HR something to bitch about.



According to the pre-order website, Shark Jump Costa “curated” the shoot for the calendar:

2014-Gear-Girl-Calendar“curated” is such an overused term in the fashion / design world, I had not heard it applied to girls before though.  My initial thought was that it was kind of creepy in the context, but I guess it’s just a fancy way of saying he looked after them.  I have no info on whether or not these girls will be wearing derp ninja turtle satchels or tactical arm tape.  Might see some product placement of that type in the mix though, who knows? haha

Will this calendar be as good as Hot Shots?  Doubtful.  I’ll save judgement though until I see both of them.

You can pre-order the calendar for $13 at Tactical Distributors.


Hat tip: Ron


NSFWTS (Not Safe For Workplaces That Suck):

Mattv2099 should get some girls together for a “Troll Shots” calendar where the girls all pose with Hi-Points, Deagle Brand Deagles and Glock brand Glocks covered in various trollture foods he has used in the past such as honey, jam, and chocolate sauce… that would be epic.  The money of course would be put towards funding more epic troll vids, and postage to cover sending the food to Africa.


The calendar can be pre-ordered (October 1st ship date) over on the Hot Shots website.  Some of the money goes to support veterans charities in the UK and the USA.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Hat tip: Kyle, Archie