call of duty

This is cool enough for a trailer I suppose:

megan-fox-toe-thumbsHoly Megan Fox is looking good.  I still hold the whole Brian Austin Green thing against her, but whatevs… if she’s happy with the guy then good for her (them).  Yea I wasn’t on 90201 and my initials are not B.A.G. but I still think Megan could have at least given me a shot.

Thoughts? I know you gamers have big opinions on these games before they drop… is this one something to look forward to or will it be a bust?


A hipster takes a look at being a habitual line stepper with gun reality:

That guy was definitely into video games before they were cool and he wants you to know that.

2:15 – Says that he doesn’t like guns, but doesn’t care if other people have them.

The question: Should someone who doesn’t’ like guns not buy video games which license them?

Hipster-Call-Of-Duty-Moral-ChoiceMy answer: If the thought of guns scares you and goes against your morals you absolutely shouldn’t be entertaining the idea of playing games with guns unless you’re fine with being a hypocrite.

The guy in the video fully admits the hypocrisy.  haha @ 4:50 – “Stuck between a Glock and a hard place”


Hat tip: Reggie


The look at Modern Warfare 3 VS Ghosts:

Call-Of-Duty-GhostsBoostin’ that POLY COUNT SON!  I wonder if the sounds of 10 year olds with potty mouths online are clearer than every before too?  I hope so.

Really impressive actually, I’m not going to front.  I just hope there is a moisturizing code I can enter to help that dude out.

If you want to pick up COD Ghosts it’s on a $60 Nov 5th pre-order over at Amazon.


Adding up the costs:

Holy those stats at the beginning are as unbelievable as that dude’s eyebrows.  They only get more ridiculous after that… the stats; his eyebrows stay the same.


Hat tip: Lyle


A new personalization pack they are offering:


Pick it up over at the Call of Duty store.

Cost: 160 Microsoft Points (whatever that means?).  There are also some other packs like zombies, money, snake skin…

haha why not right?  mmmm that smell on sustained auto fire tho…


play shoot someone with his fingers and then a pair of scissors… and get suspended:

In a letter to Lynch’s parents, the vice principal of Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School said their son had been sent to the principal’s office three times on Dec. 20 for pretending his fingers were scissors and then a gun. After the third incident, he was suspended, according to the letter, obtained by WJLA.

Full Story – ABC News

hahah that little guy is priceless.  Maybe when he gets older he can shack up with the Houston TX girl who got suspended and labeled a terrorist for her own finger gun? It will be like Bonnie and Clyde…

School officials questioned Rodney about things like whether his family owned a gun, and he had to tell them all his video games.

Oh wait a minute…. 2 different copies of Call of Duty?!?!?!??! This kid is obviously on his way to being a stone cold killer:


Rodney-Lynch-Finger-Scissor-GunBAN FINGER GUNS, ASSAULT FINGERS, and ASSAULT SCISSORS.  He’s got 10 fingers, and they’re all deadly.

<— Notice I screen capped Rodney in full face palm.  Fitting right?


Hat tip: cc19