can cannon

It’s on and grapplin’ over at Demolition Ranch:

Can-Cannon-Grappling-HookWhoa this grappling hook product actually exists, and is only $145 LOL.  I love it.

Remember when Monica Royal Nonesuch built a homebrew grappling hook?  That kid has so much heart.  I put him in the Hall of Fame for that one, and those were his early days.

Thoughts?  Did you miss out and not cop a grappling hook in time for the Memorial Day weekend?  *smh* yea me too guys… me too.

Remember when Batman and Robin used to climb up buildings with the grappling hook, but it was just the camera angle rotated 90 degrees and them grunting and pretending it was tough work? haha that was awesome.  I couldn’t find a YouTube clip of that vintage Batman I’m talking about… but here’s some modern Batman grappling hook cuts if you’re interested.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Royal Nonesuch speaks on it:

0:10 – Talking about putting together a 12 GA slam fire tennis ball launcher / can launcher.  Sounds cool to me.  He’s kind of worried about ATF rules though so is going to do more research.  Ya who knows.  What’s perfectly legal this week, all of the sudden is all up in the air the next week.

2:09 – hahah I love the sketch.  “Grape Drink” LOL.

2:31 – If I had to guess, I bet the ATF is worried about people taking an empty can with no lid and stuffing flechettes or other random crap in it, then firing it out of the can cannon.

4:01 – He’s going to use a sliding rotating locking barrel for his homemade .50 BMG, since the keys failed in the previous video.

4:30 – Mark Serbu from Serbu firearms invited Royal Nonesuch to visit his facilities in Florida and build a gun down there using their equipment.  Wow sounds exciting.

Royal is wearing the Brass Bandit t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



I was actually optimistic when I saw the title of this one:

Pepe-Sad-Frog-Rain-WindowSure enough though, there’s actually very little Can Cannon baseball footage.  It’s basically a sneaky way to try and sell some of his mediocre songs on iTunes.  In retrospect that seems what this is all about anyway, right?  He just got lucky that the first video was unique and well done.

Painful to watch… Someone should set up a Indiegogo to help him and his brother out.  Thoughts?


Andrew from GY6 videos puts in work:

0:52 – Skeletonized drum mags… I *facepalm* every time I see those.  Like, are you asking for debris and random garbage to infect your magazine on purpose?

4:44 – “Casualty Carl” haha.  Everyone has the Demolition Ranch style character names now.  Nothing beats the Creepy Cooter voice though.

5:40 – WHOA that slow motion footage!  haha and the rebound… I know someone is going to say he’s like a 1/4 mile away and it’s “parallax effect” making him look like 10 yards away… I don’t buy it though, he looks extremely close haha.

6:08 – Close call on the rebound again.  He didn’t learn his lesson haha.

mericaThat sucks most of his cans are breaking.  I don’t remember Demolition Ranch‘s cans breaking.



Demolition Ranch with the Can Cannon:

haha man his little girl is adorable.  She should be in more videos saying funny stuff / shooting even.

Demolition-Ranch-Can-Cannon1:30 – Damn Vortex hooked it upppppppppp.  That’s a pretty sweet scope for free, plus it looks badass on that rifle.

He’s getting really good at that.  It would be funny if 3-gun came out with a can cannon course.



LOL if xproducts isn’t paying Matt buckets of money for every video, they should be:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Builders-ClubLOL at 1:34 when he put tomahawks in the barrel.  I’d like to see that again, but with a stronger wad.

At $399 for the upper (no bolt carrier group and charging handle), it’s probably worth every penny.