No fuel, just the atmosphere:

Very interesting! It really does some damage on the watermelon at the end.

3:26 – Lucky he followed Jeff Cooper’s four rules of Large Bore Vacuum Cannon safety.

Thoughts? Is the ATF going to ban the Atmosphere? You get your $5000 atmosphere stamp bro? he he I got jokes.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The kid is back at it with a throwback design:

1:25 – After seeing that a normal person would probably be like “nah, I don’t think I’ll put that against my shoulder and 8 inches away from my face”  not Royal Nonesuch though.

1:57 – Yea sure he has eyepro, but he might need face pro after seeing that thing in action in the test fire.

2:19 – Oh lawwwwd one handed even.  He didn’t die tho.

3:50 – Now he wants to shoot some shot, so he randomly eyeballs an amount.  What could possibly go wrong? haha oh never mind he didn’t hold onto it this time.  Oh I spoke too soon, he still plans on doing it from the shoulder.

I gotta ask… what are Royal Nonesuch’s qualifications anyways? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (ref)


They don’t want you to have paper.  The black powder paper cannon:

birdman-hand-rubOh you thought the “paperless office” you always hear about is a push to being more environmental and saving the planet?  WRONG.  It’s sneaky gun control, stay woke.

I’m looking the cool filter and music in this video.  Had me shaking my head “no no no” with a look on my face like I smelled something nasty, but my brain was saying “yes yes yes”.

6:26 – Obvious product placement / sponsorship is obvious.  haha

Ok now I’m looking at Royal Nonesuch to make a paper .50 BMG barrel.  This has to be done.  Richie are you reading this?


LOL Richard Ryan is the man:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtI hate to think how much even one round for that cannon is.  Makes his Barrett .50 BMG look like a pea shooter.

2:10 – Wow as usual the slow motion footage was amazing… seeing that round break apart is something else.  So much debris coming of the barrel after it too wow.

2:24 – LOLOL peeled that iMac’s wig back.

When ever I see Richards videos I can’t help but think he didn’t get the “No Right To Bear Arms” memo everyone else in the state of CA got. :P


The taco amendment to the 2nd Amendment is alive and well in Omaha Nebraska:

Larry-FieriIt’s all fun and games until someone takes some errant of pico de gallo to the face at 92 mph. :P

I love his answer at 0:44 – “I don’t know, we just do it” haha.

Slow day today… nothing very good I want to make fun of / report on.


Make it rain hundred-dollar bills with this:


LOL what you’re looking at is the Cash Cannon which goes for a cool $60.  I’m not entirely convinced it’s not vaporware considering it’s “sold out” and the instagram account is just a bunch of memes and selfies.  The facebook page has the one video, but it doesn’t even look like the product in the picture.  Ahhhhh I really hope it’s real.


This is one product that would have been conducive to Kickstarter.  This guy could have promoted the shit out of it and pre-sold TONS of them at a bit of a lower cost.  Talk about this type of product is bound to go viral off the ridiculousness of it alone.  It sells iteself.

Hornady employees could really use this thing.