carry nightmare

Behold the 1911 Carry Nightmare in all it’s glory:

I know you guys probably think since it’s April 1st this is some sort of Sig or ENDO troll.. but I assure you it’s not.  You can check out the Carry Nightmare product page any time after today on the Sig Sauer website and it will still be there.

My worst nightmare is hardly a harmless 1911, it’s an 8 year old with a badge.   Just kidding.. but I just wanted to have an excuse to quote that and also “When you’re a cop people don’t sass you.”  When you carry a 1911 instead of a Glock though, prepare to get sassed.

The double deagle, double barrel 1911, and double glock… now those are carry nightmares worth talking about.

I wonder if any lawyers would try to play the name of a gun against someone if it was ever used in a self defense shooting?  Your honor he was carrying a gun called the “Nightmare”.  It was obvious he was looking to shoot someone.



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