This is out of hand!

As soon as I saw the title of the post I knew it was going to be about carving, and I already had some jokes ready like “CONFIRMED: Hickok45 is old” … yea it was a work in progress.  I started the video up though and HOLY SHIT.  Turns out he didn’t make them, but regardless they are amazing.

The company that makes them is called Wood Caliber, and they are based out of Davison, MI.  The M1911A1 on their website is currently starting at $1800… keep in mind it’s basically a piece of artwork.  There is no question those things would take a long time to build, by hand or by machine.

Wood-1911-HandgunYou know I have to ask… When is the Deagle brand Deagle and Glock brand Glock coming out in wood?  Well there actually already is a wood Glock which I posted about, but it’s not as impressive… I also posted a wood FN SCAR and a Canadian C7 (M16 Equivalent) Rifle which are quite impressive.



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He does this every year for Halloween, this is his 4th:

He’s such a good shot, i’d like to seem him attempt it from further away.

Funny that he ended up with a double sided carved pumpkin.  Most soft and hard targets I’ve shot rarely have the bullet exiting anywhere near where it entered especially where there is crap in between the entry and exit like there is in a pumpkin.


More random violence against pumpkins:

His pumpkin carving video from last year – HERE

Hickok45 is the man. A real likable guy… in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone on the internet say anything bad about him.


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