Well I guess not entirely useless I suppose… you be the judge:

.50 BMG Proof iPhone Case – If your pockets are big enough, and your fear of taking a round to the femoral artery is more of a concern than your coolness.

$650 USD at this sketchy Japanese site

And finally…

Knuckle iPhone Case – If you’ve ever wanted to send a text message and a physical message to someones face.

$99 at



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Download the files to make your own – HERE

I’d like to know what rapid prototyping service anyone that makes this uses.  From my experience getting parts printed, a rough estimate on this cost of this particular project I’d say would be no less than $300, probably closer to $400. I assume printing it yourself on a Makerbot (pictured in the background of the picture) is exponentially cheaper.

I can’t say that I am impressed with the design itself, and I really don’t think holding a gun shaped object up to your head to talk on the phone is the best way to keep a low profile and not attract unwanted attention.


[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Definitely an interesting idea.  I’d like to see the results in some ballistic gelatin.

The absence of a copper jacket, and the fact the hole isn’t perfectly centered makes me think it wouldn’t retain its weight very well (if at all).  I have no doubt it would expand like a banshee though.