I normally hate petitions, but this one has my attention:


Truly the best use of I’ve seen to date. ¬†Sign the petition to make change happen!

Definitely a hat tip to Mattv2099, who coined the term as far as I know.

Glock brand Clipazine also works in place of Glockazine if you ask me.


Hat tip: Chase


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I was sent this today from Bushmaster:

Drake from Magpul dumps 10 rounds with the 14.5″, then proceeds to switch it out for the 10.5″ ¬†barrel in no time flat and shoots 10 more. Pretty slick system.

The ACR looks pretty awesome with the 10.5″ on it!

Bushmaster is taking requests for any specific ACR videos you guys would like to see.

Type your requests in the comments section below this post.