charging handle

Mad operatorish:

Woooooo that promo video too right?  Gunshots on the beat and dubstep are two of the top 5 ways to my approval.

This product actually does look pretty cool.  Yea sure the OG AR-15 charging handle we’ve been using since Vietnam works fine.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?  The thing I like most about this one is the reduction of gasses which normally come out around the regular charging handle.  That would come in especially handy when shooting suppressed.  And yes I know there are better “normal” charging handles available which reduce the gasses too.  Seems like the major selling feature of this that sets it 100% apart from the rest is the way you charge it… like a pistol slide they say.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I don’t know, I guess it means you’re relearning how to use your AR-15 for a bit if you decide to throw one of these on it.  One more thing, this HABU is obviously going to be slightly more heavy so I know you “OUNCES EQUAL POUNDS BrAh!” guys are immediately going to scoff at its existence.

Falcon-37-HABU-Cheek-Rest-AR15-Charging-HandleOh and lets get something out of the way… “Falcon 37” … “HABU”?   I really hope those names have some significance, because they sound ridiculous and are difficult to remember.  I couldn’t find any explanation on the website.  Also, I’m curious how new one product companies with “Management Teams” and “Advisory boards” (7 people right now in Falcon 37) actually make any money.  So much veteran flexing on that linked page.  I never really understood that.  The only reason I can think of to do that is some people must be so dumb their thought process consists of “Did any TIER 1 operators endorse, design, advise, or have any hand in this product at all?”  If yes, BUY *throws money at screen*. If no then keep looking for something more operator. Come to think of it, I guess credential flexing is done in every profession. I prefer to let the products prove / speak for themselves. *shrug*

If you’re interested in one of these charging handles you can hit up Falcon 37 and buy one for $138 through the Brownells pre-order link.



I know what you pessimists are thinking “WOW an ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle (patent pending) *EYE ROLL*”:


But wait… Sintercore (a.k.a. “Halix” of chin stock fame) might be onto something this time, check it out.

AR15-Halix-Chin-Stock$50 pre-order (shipping included) for an ambidextrous charging handle is actually a damn fine price when you compare it to other ambidextrous offerings out there… The simplicity of this one is incredible (from what I can see), which I’m a huge fan of.  I don’t know if he could prove novelty and get a patent for this, but I really don’t think that matters if he’s not infringing on someone else’s patent, what he’s selling works as advertised, at that sweet of a price, and machined out of T6 aluminum bar stock.  Nice job Neal, I hope this one works out for you.   I gave you a crazy rough time on those first two products, please impress me on this one so I can feel good about hoisting you on my shoulders *pause* with this, being down from day 1. :P

Soooo…… video of 5 hours worth of consecutive slow motion charging handle pulls?  See this Adriana Lima video for how it’s done.  I just blessed you with that gem for free.. remember that when you’re picking out your first Ferrari, and dodging paparazzi wanting to cash in on showing the world the life you’re living from that charging handle money.



People often complain about the AR-15’s charging handle.


It seems to be relying heavily on the Magpul BAD lever he’s got on there.  The only thing this basically does is let you use the side charing handle to get that initial round in the chamber from a closed bolt, or clear any easy jams from the side if that’s what you’re into.

Unfortunately it also still doesn’t solve the problem the AR has of gas blowing back into your face.  I know a few companies make gas buster charging handles to solve that… he should incorporate that into his side charger to give it a bit more value.

I’m not sure why I had to do some intense googling in order to find out where you guys can buy this thing or how much it is.  A simple URL in the YouTube description or video would have done the trick.  Anyway Gunfighter Gear is the place and the price is $150.

Thoughts?  Alright price or too expensive?  Would operate with?