From the “States united to prevent gun violence”:

8 kids dying per day (according to the video) means there are 2920 kids per year which die of “gun violence”.  I attempted to fact check this and came up with a June 2017 article in a pediatrics journal.  Academic journals are normally peer reviewed / fact checked for accuracy so I don’t see why this one would be any different.  Here is what it says:

RESULTS: Nearly 1300 children die and 5790 are treated for gunshot wounds each year.

The shooter playing with a gun was the most common circumstance surrounding unintentional firearm deaths of both younger and older children.

Sorry you shitheads who made the video… 1300 is NOT 2920, and “the shooting playing with a gun” can’t be considered “gun violence” by any stretch of the imagination.  Another anti-gun group (the Brady Campaign) comes up with the number of 4 kids being murdered every day, which is a lot closer to the 1300 per year stat anyways.

I don’t see how embellishing facts or redefining gun violence could possibly help their cause in the long term.


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In the USA kids with guns is taboo… in Russia it’s encouraged:



Children as young a five are sent on forced marches, given battlefield training, taught hand to hand combat, and how to use military equipment. 12 year olds are also taught how to fire Kalashnikov assault rifles and other small arms.  During the clubs regular camps, some children are given the opportunity to parachute jump during their paratrooper training.  The club appears to urge Russian parents not to wait until their child becomes a compulsive gambler, drug addict or alcoholic, before sending them to the club.

Full story – Daily Mail

Russia-Youth-Military-Training-Camp-3They’ll probably all grow up to be bloodthirsty murders though right?  Oh wait they won’t.  It’s good to see girls involved.  I find it interesting the part about urging Russian parents to send their kids to this camp before they grow up to be compulsive gamblers, drug addicts, or alcoholics.  Are those issues that huge in Russia, more so than in the US?

In a few of the pictures it looks like the AK’s are actually cast replicas, I could be wrong though.

What type of handgun is in picture #1 if you follow the link?  Some type of training one?


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The gun store guys have a gripe:

A decent discussion, but as I said in the past I am really not a fan of youtube videos longer than around 5 minutes, especially when they are just on one topic like this one.

One of the commentors “Mobieus7” had a good comment that was top rated:

Gun proof your child, don’t child proof your gun.

I think the first part of that sentence says a lot.  Kids are naturally curious, and I believe parents should educate them so they have a healthy respect for firearms. As far as the 2nd half of the sentence goes I don’t think households with kids should just have firearms strewn all over the place even if the kids are educated about their danger.



Some recommended options by the gun store guys:

Some good advice for sure.  I hope a bunch of parents see this video before Christmas.

I was surprised to hear that some of the first guns that were talked about came with stock spacers, so the gun could grow with you.  Pretty neat idea.

What was your first gun?  Do you still have it?

If I ever have kids, they are going straight to a Glock 19. :P I’m Kidding of course…


With beards like this, these boy scouts could operate in some pretty serious operations… black ops even:

Like Martin Luther King, I also dream of a day when operators can be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their ops.

All that’s missing is a more tactical outfit, some high speed low drag sunglasses, and a black rifle.

The pics are from the “Be One With The Wild” print ad campaign done for the Boy Scouts of America by Olgivy & Mather.

You can view some higher resolution pics in all their glory over at Ads Of The World.

If I could only grow a beard that respectable…


Full Story – HERE

As unsettling as it is, this is probably not a bad thing to teach kids no matter where they live. That said, Mexico is so out of control.