Chris costa



I don’t know who did that, but it’s epic.  The low resolution really doesn’t do Travis’ beautiful complexion justice, but I’ll get over it.

A related photoshop that I did a few years ago:


Gat tip: Jesse


Chris Costa does Japan a second time:


LOL you just can’t make shit like this up.  His first visit caused so much lustful Asian boy hype, that it was obvious a second one was going to be on the books sooner than later.

If you missed the memes from the first or when he shook his tactical tush on the catwalk and dropped it like it was a hot pot (to OOOOOOOOOOOs from the crowd) make sure you catch yourself up.  Oh and you can watch footage of him playing airsoft too which is amazing.   Hopefully he meets up with the airsoft dance girl this time and does a duet or something.

Thoughts?  I’m counting on copious amounts of shark jumping and memes coming out of this second trip, what about you?  The Costashian eats that up too, so I’m sure he will be spear-heading some meme worthy content guaranteed to go viral in the community.

Gat tip: Thomas


Forgotten Weapons with a 13mm Gyrojet rocket carbine:

Chris-Costa-Hive-SatchelRemember CostaGate?  That was so hilarious, I was laughing to myself the other day still about it.  You can hit those links if you need to catch up.. a lot of the instagram embeds on the meme page are actually videos so make sure to click on them to play.

Forgotten Weapons did an awesome job with the parody.  I love how his camera man hit that CAN’T EVEN type GASP WHOAAAAAAHHHHH right on cue.

Thoughts?  How many of you slept on that Ninja Turtle Life Helmet Derp Satchel (pictured) when it was available?  Yeah I bet a lot of you.  I have a storage locker full of them, just waiting for them to appreciate in value so I can retire off some ebay auction money.

By the way it was pure speculation on my behalf about Forgotten Weapons not having as many lustful Asian fanboys than Costa. He may very well even have more, because dudes with access to as many badass guns as he does, coupled with the pony and goatee is pretty much G.O.A.T. unicorn status even on US soil.

Gat tip: Kyle


This goes exactly as expected:

homer-jump-sharkHonestly like I’ve said before.. “Do you Costa”.   That shit was lame as hell though, and a shark jump of the highest order.  Get those paychecks though.  At least we got some laughs out of it.  Costa obviously doesn’t give a shit either… still has his sense of humor and self-confidence and is no worse for wear, so whatever it’s a win win.

5:31 – Sup girl? … damn there’s that ENDO thirst again, sorry guys.

10:38 – Panerai watch flex?  Japan MONaaaaaaY!  I really like the simplicity of the base model. His looks like a Luminor Marina from what I can see.



*In my best Oprah voice* YOU get a boner!  YOUUU get a boner!  YOUUUUUUUU get a boner too!:

That there is the Chris Costa a.k.a. Sharky McJumperson *new* in turbo-hungry “paying my great grandkids college tuition” mode… shilling airsoft guns!  Oooooooooh kill’em ooooooooh.  I SHIT YOU NOT.

Holy god the excitement and man love in that room you’d need a reciprocating saw with a tungsten carbide blade to even ATTEMPT to cut through it… but to your dismay the blade would be like “nah bro, I just want a sniff of Costa.  GIMME ONE or I’ll cut you.” ew… just ew.

Here he is playing with some toy guns, in full turbo operator mode, making more JP boys fall in love:

1:58 – OHOOOOOO speed reload!  Multiple consecutive malfunction clear!  +1000 JP man love.

2:16 – The Japanese paid extra for that little *bow chicka wow wow* he did with the 1911 slide.  That’s in the options package that most countries can’t afford to spring for.

2:23 – Suspicious… that dude was on his knees in front of Costa.  CANNOT UNSEE or UN-IMAGINE.

2:36 – Costa’s *acting like I care what’s going on inside this POS* face.

2:58 – Ah cool, fake ammo he says to himself… they are paying me to care about this garbage he says to himself.

4:18 – Nothing but steel!  No wait… probably just pot metal or thin aluminum for it to ping off. *snicker*

4:54 – One on deck!  Just like real life. <3 CC

Here’s a 30 minute long Q&A with Costa (translated to Japanese after he says a sentence), which I don’t have the time to watch tonight:

I’m sure the above video is enthralling LOL… let me know in the comments.

Like, did he not know these vids would end up on the internet?  Or is this some cool new social media / rebranding strategy I wouldn’t understand?


BRB, this post gave me Lupus… Costa Lupus. In all honesty though, when vids like this show up in my email it makes me happy to be ENDO even more than I already am.

Oh and if you thought I was joking about the Love dolls, and fake girlfriends click those links.

No disrespect to JP as a whole, I fuck with your clothing and design heavy… you just need to get some self confidence and drive with the females though my dudes.  Or don’t… whatever makes you guys happy. :)


Hat tip: Jason, GearWhoresAnon, nouno


Remember this?


Yea that’s Chris Costa’s HIV(E) satchel which I made tons of fun of for its obvious derpyness, then he released it in an even flashier version which I made more fun of.  I even speculated at one point that someone was on board at Blue Force Gear doing a masters thesis on shark jumping when they released even more ridiculous color combos.

Well you can imagine my shock when this email started coming through from people:


The above is a pic, so if you want to follow the actual link to the “last call” page click here.  OH LAWWWWWWD only the $50 tier is available now!  Looks like someone thought $5 to $40 was a good price to spend on a halloween costume or a gag gift for a tactical friend.

Well at least Costa seems to be learning from his mistakes somewhat.


Hat tip: Beau, Rush, Pierre,