Miami, FL – Nayara Goncalves already experienced one of the “biggest moments” of her life: becoming a Christian.

The second came last Friday, when the 20-year-old cellphone store manager put her good works to good use — persuading a would-be armed robber to put away his gun and leave her store in the name of the Lord.

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Wow, pretty intense.  I kept thinking the robber was going to shoot himself.

“You don’t need to do this, Jesus is coming soon… Go to YouTube, watch the videos”  I had to laugh at that… what a sign of the times when someone is told to check out YouTube to learn about religion.


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Mostafa Mohammad, the manager of a Chicago cell phone store says it was just instinct that prompted him to spring into action and fight off an armed robber Tuesday evening.

Full Story – HERE

Oh Chicago, you always provide me with such good material.

When I saw this video I thought *FINE, I guess disarms sometimes DO work*.  Thank god the bullet didn’t hit anything important when the gun went off.

I love when people flip it on the criminals.