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In case you need an excuse to visit Starbucks:

Remember it only runs until May 16th!

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Just when I thought I finally shook the Frappuccino monkey off my back, they pull this. :P

I seriously used to drink about 5 Venti double blended java chip Frappuccionos per week.  Realizing that not only was that habit costly, but also terribly unhealthy I switched to drinking decaf iced Americanos once or twice a week. Thank god my metabolism hasn’t slowed down.

Also, funny story… I walk into Starbucks today to take advantage of this deal, and it appeared that the large (oh excuse me.. VENTI) size got bigger.  I dismissed it as my imagination at work, but then I got home and did some googling.  The new Venti is called a Trenta, and is actually 31 oz. rather than the normal paltry 24 oz.

Looking at the Starbucks Frappuccino nutritional data page, I notice one glaring omission…

It appears Starbucks doesn’t offer this flavoring ( yet ):

Starbucks, the hearts of gun owners are already won… but please just impress us one last time and give us bacon syrup.

It would actually likely be disgusting, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying it.

For those thinking the Bacon Torani Syrup is another one of my clever photoshops – think again, it’s real!

But I digress… my point is, go enjoy a half price Frappuccino, and go armed.


I usually go into Barnes & Nobel and get a Starbucks coffee once every couple of months, and partake in some knowledge theft, mainly of gun magazines.  They definitely encourage it though, considering they have comfortable chairs everywhere.  I’ve even seen people asleep in them with a book in their hand. Anyways, my knowledge theft will consist of one less magazine now that I know GUNS magazine is available in full for FREE online.

If you want to catch up on back issues, April 2009 until June 2010 (not sure why its almost 2 months early, but I’m not complaining) are available – HERE

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Hat Tip: Aaron Spuler


This is absolutely priceless:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Awesome camera work, music, and editing!

I like Kimmel’s choice of the Beretta 92


With some obviously fabricated information, and it was accepted:

Clicked Submit and…

Makes you wonder if there any checks and balances in place to ultimately discard my signature? What’s to stop some Brady goons from signing their own petition with made up names, or even more cleverly using address information out of the phone book or readily available online.  With minimal web programming skills a program could easily scrape the internet for valid addresses and automatically submit them to their little web application.  At the very minimum I find it surprising there was no zip code validation in the form;  55555 isn’t even an Arkansas zip.

I am now even less impressed by the 28,000 28,001 signatures they claim.

UPDATE: CREDO action, the company that is handling the Starbucks petition actually has zip code validation on their own site where people can sign the petition ( ).  There still isn’t any other validation.


Two days ago I posted about the Brady Campaign’s WEAK Twitter Following

Today I officially surpassed their number of followers by 1 :P

Thank you to everyone that made it happen!

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