coil gun

Entertaining vid:

Coil guns are really cool, but I wish they were way more powerful.¬† The projectile travels way too slowly.. the highest velocity setting is 145 ft/s. If you’re not familiar with projectile speeds, to put it into perspective a 9mm bullet travels at around 1200 ft/sec.

2:46 – ūüėā the golf ball.¬† Ouch.. that hurt to watch haha.

3:10 – Me: *bracing for the can to go in the head.. then slowly ooze out like the golf ball did*

Always enjoyable vids from this guy.  One of the few channels I have notifications turned on for.

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haha this is awesome:

Yoooooo I could really Molon some Labe with this.

2:00 – 10/10 would load some rap MIDI files on it and shoot lightening bolts. ¬†I’m thinking something off Dre 2001 for starters.

5:34 – Where we first see the Tesla Coil Gun. ¬†Looks like the damn Timmy Turner gun haha. ¬†Wow that’s really awesome. ¬†Crazy that it doesn’t have an AR-15 stock on it though… EVERYTHING has an AR-15 stock on it. haha

7:36 – Holy that looks cool at 28,000 fps

9:16 РROFL it actually has a 1911 grip and trigger on it.  Perfect.



To ultimately shoot someone in an environmentally friendly way:

hahah the video is pretty good… electrocution, fires, a dancing unibrow etc…

You can check out his blog post on how to build it… but a word of caution, you might want to do your own calculations. ;)

Building-A-Coil-GunI believe coil guns have great potential¬†for civilian use in the future once we can reduce the size of some of the components, and increase the current. ¬†Someone actually did build a portable rifle version that seemed to be¬†fairly¬†powerful, which I blogged about a while back. We definitely aren’t quite there yet though…