coil gun

haha this is awesome:

Yoooooo I could really Molon some Labe with this.

2:00 – 10/10 would load some rap MIDI files on it and shoot lightening bolts.  I’m thinking something off Dre 2001 for starters.

5:34 – Where we first see the Tesla Coil Gun.  Looks like the damn Timmy Turner gun haha.  Wow that’s really awesome.  Crazy that it doesn’t have an AR-15 stock on it though… EVERYTHING has an AR-15 stock on it. haha

7:36 – Holy that looks cool at 28,000 fps

9:16 – ROFL it actually has a 1911 grip and trigger on it.  Perfect.



To ultimately shoot someone in an environmentally friendly way:

hahah the video is pretty good… electrocution, fires, a dancing unibrow etc…

You can check out his blog post on how to build it… but a word of caution, you might want to do your own calculations. ;)

Building-A-Coil-GunI believe coil guns have great potential for civilian use in the future once we can reduce the size of some of the components, and increase the current.  Someone actually did build a portable rifle version that seemed to be fairly powerful, which I blogged about a while back. We definitely aren’t quite there yet though…